SUNday – Fun Day – EVERYDAY!

The sun is probably the greatest factor that accelerates the aging process resulting in sun spots, thick dull skin and skin cancers. The environment has changed resulting in a more dangerous sun for our skin. Forty years ago, it was possible to be outside all day and not get sunburned. Now, just a 15 minute…


An Earful of Ideas

The ears frame your face, so proportion and balance is a desirable goal. The changing appearance over time, congenital defects and trauma can all impact the way that you feel about yourself. Have you heard about these concerns regarding your ears? • Ear Tags: Our ears form six small bumps or hillocks. These small hills…

Botox wrinkle eraser

Winner of the Botox Challenge

Botox® for a Year! If you have been in the Maloney Center office, located in Atlanta, Georgia, over the past year, you probably have noticed our huge bottle filled with Botox vials. You possibly even entered our contest which was to guess the correct number of bottles. The grand prize for a “Year’s Worth of…