“The Maloney Center performed my Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant a few years ago. I haven’t had a second thought since I had the procedure completed. It was the right decision for me!!![
downloadI chose Dr. Maloney and his staff because he was highly recommended by my sister and has an impeccable reputation. I currently live in Georgia, so I did my research on facial surgeons in the South East. I had several consultations with other surgeons in the field. I felt the most comfortable with Dr. Maloney and his staff because they guided me through every step of the procedure. I was very well cared for and they lessened my fears before the surgery by answering all my questions and showing me some pictures of the expected results. Dr. Maloney made a house visit the day after surgery, which was wonderful because I certainly didn’t feel like leaving my house the next day. (I think he’s the only doctor that extends that extra care to his patients). I am pleased to have the results that Dr. Maloney explained to me prior to surgery. Dr. Maloney and his staff have exceeded my initial expectations in all areas of this process. I highly recommend Dr. Maloney and his excellent staff.”

 – Michelle R.

“For twenty-eight years I searched for a doctor who was willing to do plastic surgery on my face. After years of searching and discouragement, I found Dr. Maloney. He told me he could do the surgery that I had wanted for so long. Finally, I had hope that I could someday look good again. The many years of acne had caused my face to scar very badly, and my face was showing signs of stress. I looked terrible.

AcneBefore my facial surgery, I was embarrassed for people to see me. I didn’t even like looking in a mirror at myself. My self-esteem was very low. Since the surgery, I enjoy being around people. I have more confidence, and I feel accepted by them. I have received many compliments. Someone asked if I had it to do over again would I have the facial surgery. I said yes, without a doubt, if Dr. Maloney was doing the surgery. His skill as a surgeon is the best. There were some doctors during my years of searching who did not make me feel comfortable talking to them about my face. But, Dr. Maloney always treated me with kindness and respect. I was fifty-five when I had my surgery, but it has been a great life changing experience for me.”

– Stanley B.

“Dr. Maloney and his staff have my utmost thanks for the transformation that they produced, both inside and outside of me. Dr. Maloney is such a consummate professional, but his qualifications go much further than that. He is sought after, worldwide, and valued for his advice. In addition to all of that, he reassures his patients with self-confidence and trust before they go into the surgery. His follow up is very thorough. I had a nose procedure that finally enabled me to breathe and smell better. His procedure corrected three injuries to my nose, and he did not make such a drastic change that would have caused people not to recognize me.
download (2)The best thing I can possibly say about Dr. Maloney, and it says a lot, is this: My procedure was indeed covered by my medical insurance, but I chose instead to pay Dr. Maloney for the procedure because he was and is so good at what he does. Thank you for making such an improvement and difference in my life.”

– Mack

“I had already made my decision on getting plastic surgery and I knew Dr. Maloney would be the right choice. After some research and finding out he was double board certified my decision was clear and simple. My results are exactly what I wanted and more.”

– Tia G.

“My cosmetic surgery procedure with Dr. Maloney was such a positive experience for me! Dr. Maloney’s expertise in facial plastic surgery was the reason I chose him as my surgeon. Dr. Maloney’s caring manner, efficient follow up, accessibility, and his fabulous staff confirmed my decision in choosing him. I would like to thank his staff for always taking the time to make me feel as if I was their only patient, and I am grateful to Dr. Maloney for restoring the vision I had of myself.”

– Judy

“We want to thank Dr. Maloney and every person on staff for making this exhilarating and anxious chapter in our lives truly one that we have already forgotten and will continue to relish for years to come. After all, surgery IS surgery. But, from the minute we walked in for our first consultation, everyone in the office has been focused on us and walked with us through the whole process answering all questions asked and even those we didn’t know to ask.”

As siblings just a couple years apart, we happened on a conversation one Christmas about our “turkey-necks” and made a plan to do something about them. After much research and interviewing, we decided on The Maloney Center. In our initial conversation, Dr. Maloney shared that genetics are at play that no amount of diet or exercise will cure. The interview concluded with current photos and, through the artistry of Dr. Maloney’s hand, what realistic transformations could take place. Dr. Maloney devised a plan for each of us as individuals first rather than stamping out one plan times two. As we came into this project with a similar goal, we realized that goal in different ways.

We both agree that the beauty of the Maloney Center and the completely fabulous staff shines brightest even after the surgery is complete. Each visit is just as personable and pleasant as the first. It is a joy to make follow-up visits because we know that it will be prompt, friendly and best of all . . . . personal.”

– Sam

“Hi Dr. Maloney, It was so good to see you and everyone today! Thanks for doing a fantastic job on my Botox® and Juvederm®, I am so excited; it’s amazing what you can do, I see the results already! You are the best! Hope you have a fantastic and blessed 2011. I will be back when I need a tune up or when I am ready to get that doctor’s info for the lipo and/or tummy tuck! This is so exciting! As always, I love the nose you gave me! Thanks again for taking care of my family! Hugs”


“Dr. Maloney, Just a quick note to say thanks and to compliment you and your staff. Each and every one of your team has been extraordinarily kind, gracious and epitomizes customer/client service. I don’t want to leave anyone out, but especially Robin for all her help and support. She and all the ladies deserve a big Thank You!!! Brian, the work you do is a blessing to others, and I’m glad we “ran into each other.” I have a special friend to thank for that as you know. I pray God will continue to use you and your gift of transformation you have to help others. Thanks!”


“I have been going to Dr. Maloney for several years and have been extremely well taken care of. Not only is Dr. Maloney extremely talented, but he is a caring individual as well. I have received both major surgeries as well as minor procedures. All of which I was very pleased with. The results have helped to boost my self-confidence. I feel better than ever! I highly regard Dr. Maloney and would recommend his services to everyone.”


“Once meeting with Dr. Maloney, he put me completely at ease. I knew immediately that I was in extremely capable and gifted hands.”


“From the first moment I entered the office I was completely at ease with my choice. Everyone I came into contact with was professional as well as delightful.”


“Dr. M listened to my concerns, explained my options, answered my questions, and respected my concerns and choices before the procedure, the day after, and ever since.”


“I am especially pleased with how natural the outcome looks. It was an excellent investment in my self-image.”


“I am amazed by the results every single day.”


“I was especially impressed with Dr. Maloney’s personal follow-up and attention to my needs after the procedure.”


“I choose Dr. Maloney because he was more solution-oriented. In other words, he seemed to offer his thoughts on what would look good….and he was right. I think my surgical results were great! I feel a lot more confident about myself.”