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Needling as a skin treatment method has been around since ancient times. In fact, ancient Chinese, Indian, and Egyptian health practitioners used this technique to naturally rejuvenate the skin. A form of fractional rejuvenation and prejuvenation, Microneedling methods have evolved over the years with the advent of dermal rollers, needle stamps and other devices. Microneedling made a quantum leap forward in 2010 with the debut of the Dermapen®, the first motorized micro-needling pen system.

Dr. Brian P. Maloney was the first certified trainer for DermaPen in the State of Georgia. In this capacity, Dr. Maloney trains physicians across the United States in the effective use of the DermaPen. In 2015, the Maloney Center for Facial Plastic Surgery was recognized as Georgia’s first DermaPen Center of Excellence.

The Technique of Microneedling

Micro-Needling uses very thin needles to pierce the skin multiple times. This method then triggers a natural immune response from the body. The body’s immune system responds to the microscopic needle wounds by releasing growth factors that repair skin. This includes the production of collagen and elastin, two proteins that are essential to healthy skin. The DermaPen is a medical grade Micro-Needling device that uses technological advances to take a modern approach to collagen induction therapy. This innovative tool improves upon other devices like dermal rollers and fractional lasers. It does not use heat, and needle punctures are calibrated to reduce patient discomfort and pain.

The DermaPen can also reach areas of the face that are harder to access because of the contours of the face, eyes and nose. When the DermaPen reaches these areas, it stimulates new epidermal growth and collagen production. The microscopic punctures also act as channels for topical nutrients applied during treatment. Utilizing the DermaPen allows these nutrients to deeply penetrate epidermal layers, increasing their effectiveness. New, healthy skin cells are generated and the skin naturally tightens.


Types of Microneedling Treatments in Atlanta

The DermaPen is an ideal skin rejuvenation device that softens wrinkles, treats sun damaged skin, and can even be used to treat acne scarring or hyperpigmentation. Because the procedure enhances the production of collagen and elastin, patients with alopecia, keloid scarring and vitiligo can also use collagen induction therapy for dramatic skin rejuvenation. Each procedure requires a different number of treatments at various intervals. For example, acne scarring generally requires six treatments, six weeks apart.

Benefits and Features of Dermapen Treatment

In the skillful hands of a specialist like Dr. Maloney, the DermaPen can produce noticeable aesthetic results for patients in a short amount of time. Patients often see visible improvement in wrinkles, fine lines, and scars after the first treatment and when combined with a post-treatment regimen. The DermaPen is a relatively painless procedure when the device is used at minimum needle depths. For treatments requiring deeper needle depth, an anesthetic cream can be applied so the procedure remains practically pain free. Additionally, the design of the DermaPen reduces dermal tearing associated other Micro-Needling techniques. One key to the superior results provided by the DermaPen is the powerful motor that ensures optimal number of punctures per second. The device’s high oscillation rate means the tip of the DermaPen gently glides across the skin applying 1300 micro holes in the skin per second without catching or dragging. The use of vertical needle insertion reduces pain and the fully adjustable needle depth makes it easier to treat hard to reach areas of the face. The DermaPen provides comfortable treatment and promotes natural healing without the need for heat, lasers, or harsh chemicals and is a safe, effective treatment with relatively little downtime and fewer side effects than other methods. Most patients are able resume normal daily activities within a day or two following a procedure.

The DermaPen can only be used by thoroughly trained and expertly qualified practitioners. Practitioners undergo rigorous training to be certified in how to use DermaPen in a safe and effective manner. Dr. Maloney is the first certified trainer for DermaPen in Georgia. He is dedicated to providing patients with the highest level of personalized cosmetic care available in Atlanta. DermaPen’s advanced Micro-Needling technology enables Dr. Maloney to enhance his patients’ treatment with a device that offers exceptional skin rejuvenation with minimal discomfort.


Microneedling with AmnioFix®

Patient undergoing Micro-needling in Atlanta

There have been exciting advances in aesthetics used to rejuvenate and refresh maturing faces. The use of a topically applied amniotic growth factor to enhance the non-surgical collagen induction therapy treatment, also known as medical micro-needling is one of these advancements. I administer this treatment to address and rejuvenate aging skin, and/or scarring of the face, neck and/or chest.

AmnioFix®, the amniotic growth factor, is dehydrated human amnion/chorion tissue. The amniotic growth factor is a thin collagenous growth factor derived from the placenta, the area in which the human fetus grows and develops within the mother’s uterus. It contains multiple extracellular matrix proteins, tissue growth factors, cytokines, and other specialty proteins to enhance healing and skin rejuvenation. It is used in the treatment of acute and chronic wounds to reduce scar formation, modulate inflammation and enhance healing, thus improving skin texture and tone.

Incorporating AmnioFix® to the facial area in several procedures that I offer is an advancement in regenerative medicine and aesthetics. The penetration of the AmnioFix® in the skin is achieved via the Dermapen. A practical alternative to this treatment is to include the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Each of these options triggers the face to create collagen with growth factors.


The Micro-Needling Treatment

Micro-needling (Collagen Induction Therapy) with PRP

  • The skin is cleansed and a topical and/or injectable numbing medicine is applied to the face and/or neck so that the patient is comfortable.
  • The patient’s own blood is drawn by Dr. Maloney
  • The Platelet Rich Plasma is obtained with a centrifuge, a tool that spins the blood to separate the platelets.
  • The PRP is rich in growth factors and cytokines Growth factors trigger collagen growth and cell regeneration.
  • The PRP is topically applied to the face simultaneously while the Dermapen,a medical grade micro-needling device, is used to micro-needle the skin.
  • The PRP is absorbed through the punctures in the skin created by the micro-needling treatment, thus inducing cell growth and tissue healing.
  • Improvement of fine lines, improvement of skin texture and subtle skin tightening is achieved. (Individual treatment results vary). Outcomes of micro-needling vary depending on the medical grade of the device used and the depth of the micro-needling penetration. Dr. Maloney is able to perform this procedure at increased depths. The number of times that the micro-needling device passes over the treated area also plays a role in treatment effectiveness. Understanding the factors that play a role in the micro-needling treatment are very important when making decisions regarding your treatment.
  • The micro-needling procedure can be performed independent of the topical application of PRP or Amnio Fix, but greater aesthetic results are achieved with the topical application of growth factors as an enhancement to this procedure.

Micro-Needling with AmnioFix® is Safe

Microneedling treatment in Atlanta

Is it safe? Yes, AmnioFix® is a safe product. It meets stringent specifications during donor screening and laboratory testing to reduce the chance of transmitting infectious disease. An additional assurance of safety is achieved by terminally sterilizing each graft with gamma irradiation. Additionally, it is processed in the United States according to the standards and regulations established by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) and the United States FDA.

If you are ready to find out if this cosmetic procedure is for you, call Dr. Brian Maloney, a surgeon with years of specialized experience in the field of plastic surgery. Patients from all over north Georgia including Atlanta, Rome, Cumming, Gainesville, Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek and Milton trust facial specialist Dr. Maloney with their aesthetic needs. If you are ready to begin your journey into rejuvenated skin and a younger healthier look then it’s time to contact our Atlanta, GA office today!


The product should not be used in an area of active infection or in patients with allergy to gentamicin or tobramycin. Patients may experience temporary swelling over 72 hours. The material risks of this treatment may include infection, allergic reaction, bruising, swelling, or no effect at all.

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