Hump Nose, Atlanta, GeorgiaThis is a nose that instead of being straight or slightly slopped downward has a large “hump” on the top of the nose. This gives the appearance that the nose is quite large. In a female it can even look very masculine. This can sometimes be caused from a healed fracture that could have even happened many years ago. It can also be a hereditary trait. The nose reshaping treatment usually requires that the hump be lowered surgically. The hump consists partly of the nasal bone and a portion of the cartilage. If there are any breathing problems associated with this deformity caused by a deviated septum or enlarged turbinates then these problems would be taken care of at the same time. In some instances such as this, insurance may cover part or all of the Rhinoplasty procedure. We can check with your insurance carrier prior to surgery.

Surgery is usually performed under general or twilight anesthesia and is performed as an out patient procedure. The patients go home with a small nasal dressing which remains in place for about five to six days. The only care that is needed for the first night is to place iced packs over the eyes and change a small “drip” pad under the nose. After the first night the patient is urged to get up and move around to reduce the swelling faster. Removing the dressing is performed in the office and is totally a painless procedure. I then follow my patients periodically over the next year or so.